Commitment to the Guideline(s) is part of Creating Our “subject-SUBJECT” Conscious (Safer) - Spaces at Evans Lake Camp

These Safer Spaces Guidelines are a result of feedback from previous campers. The feedback included reporting of Consensual Boundary violations.The guidelines have been created to evolve as we learn and discover new ways of consensual interacting. May consensual and subject-subject Radical Faerie Magic find a beautiful place within you.

Subject-SUBJECT consciousness

Subject-SUBJECT consciousness, a concept proposed by Harry Hay believed by Hay to be queer people's unique perspective on the world. Hay saw heterosexual society existing in a subject-object dynamic; where men, who had the culturally acceptable power, saw only themselves as subject and therefore higher than women, who were treated as objects and property. Hay extrapolated this interpersonal-sexual dynamic (male-power:female-subordinate) into a broader social context, believing that the subject-object relationship was the driving force behind most all of society's ills. Objectification served as a barrier, emotionally separating an individual (subject) from another individual by dehumanizing them, making them object.

When Hay looked at homosexual relationships, however, he saw a different dynamic at work. He believed that homosexual relationships were based on mutual respect and empathy for the other, a longing for a companion who was as equally valuable as the self. Hay termed this interpersonal-sexual dynamic subject-SUBJECT (which Hay capitalized for emphasis in all of his writings). He believed that this subject-SUBJECT way of viewing the world was queer people's most valuable contribution to the greater society. By empathizing with all people, relating to each other as equal to equal, society would change drastically and social injustices would be eradicated.

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