Welcome. We are the Radical Faeries of British Columbia! We are part of a worldwide, queer tribe of men-loving-men, welcoming gay, bi, trans, and straight brothers into our circle. Our main circle is in Metro Vancouver, where we gather weekly for Faerie coffee, monthly for heart circle (where we share with one another the joys and heartache in our lives), as well as a mind circle (to discuss matters of concern to the faeries), and regularly at gatherings with faes from all over the Pacific Northwest, North America, and the world. Every year during the May long weekend we gather at faerie camp for an adventure in faerie magique at the lake. Browse a little and find out who the Radical Faeries are, what we do, what we believe, and what our aspirations are. We hope that you will find a place in our circle of loving companions.

Laying a foundation for future generations of queerlings through passing down knowledge, traditions, and experience. Accompanying and supporting our elders.