NEW DATES: December 8-10

Vancouver, BC

Finding Strength in Our Shadow –
The Fusion of Opposites

We gather again in the darkening time of year to explore Shadowed elements of ourselves and of Faerie culture. Together, we speak the unspoken things and undertake the shared work of understanding ourselves and each other. Just as light and dark combine to give richness and dimension to our lives, other opposites also combine to illuminate us: joy/sorrow, harmony/strife, pride/shame, community/individuality, innovation/tradition, and the living/and the dead. We invite you to join us in heart circles, mind circles, workshops, and celebrations, for our shared work and our shared play.

$100 Registration  •  Housing Available  •  Talent Show
Break-out space for your creativity and offerings
Opening Night Pot Luck  •  Lunch and Dinner provided for Sat/Sun
Limited to 30 people

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