Gatherings are larger multi-day events which attract Faefolk near and far.  They are opportunities to practice our way of being together in a focused way over several days, as a community and as individuals.  They feature ritual, dance, heart circles, games, workshops, and lots of playful fun – indoors and out.

The B.C. Radical Faeries host a major gathering over the Victoria Day long weekend – B.C. Radical Faerie Camp – held at the Evans Lake Forest Camp, just north of Squamish.  We keep the numbers to between 70 and 80 in order create a more intimate feel.  If you would like more information, or to read the Call – or perhaps even to register – click on the B.C. Radical Faerie Camp link above.

There are many other gatherings near and far:  The summer and winter Breitenbush gatherings in Central Oregon attract almost 200 Faeries.  The gatherings at the Wolf Creek Faerie Sanctuary in southern Oregon are usually more rustic, and many include women as well as men.  There are also the Longhouse and American Ridge gatherings in rural Washington; and smaller “gather-ettes” of one to two dozen at The Landing Place – land that one of our brothers makes available at his home on the Sunshine Coast.  Check the calendar for details of these and other nearby gatherings.