2013 Radical Intimacy, Radical Tribe

“If you don’t fill your days with love, you are wasting your life.” – James Broughton

Welcome to the 2013 British Columbia Radical Faerie Camp! The theme of this year’s gathering is Radical Intimacy, Radical Tribe. Intimacy takes many forms. We can be intimate with nature. We can be intimate with ourselves. We can be intimate with the spirit world. We can be intimate with others. Intimacy can mean looking into your grandmother’s eyes as she rocks you on her lap. It can mean a long, languid massage you exchange with a faerie you’ve just met in a bodywork-shop. And it can mean the full-on orgy you have at an impromptu sex party. Yet intimacy can equally be lacking in all these encounters. So, what is it? What is intimacy? And how does it bind us together as a tribe – or drive us apart when it is absent?

One thing we can say with confidence: intimacy is a movement of the heart; one that has the power to shatter barriers between people of different ages, gender identities, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Radical Faeries know that intimacy is our currency which we exchange for…well, for more intimacy. We are made and re-made into a radical tribe through our radical intimacy: sexy, spiritual warriors standing outside the dominant hetero-normative paradigm, proclaiming our love through generous and vulnerable openness – baring our souls and bodies through the gift of subject-to-subject consciousness.

This is a call to male-loving-men to join together in manifesting the tribe through manifesting acts of intimacy with one another. And, as we empower our brotherhood, we are equipped to go out and be brothers and lovers of every one and every creature we encounter. A radical tribe spreading our love by spreading the creative seed of our ideas, art, skills, and talents – a powerful chasm emanating from the core of our puppy pile of intimate unity.

The organising circle has planned activities and rituals designed to help build the intimacy between us in body, mind, and spirit. But, ultimately, this is your gathering. The vessel is yours to fill with workshops, playshops, games, events, skits, songs, and creations of every kind to help build and nurture our aspiration to the truly radical intimacy which marks our tribal identity.

To that end, we invite you to set an intention. If you wish, frame it in the context of our theme. How can you use your intention to make your intimacy more radical? How can you project that radical intimacy into our radical tribe…so that it pulses ever more strongly with radical love that radicalises the world? May each of us emerge from this gathering as soul-lovers, one of another.BACK TO TOP