2012 Spirit Meets Flesh

“The body is a holy place of romp and renewal… Open your temple to love. Visit other temples.” – James Broughton

The Radical Faeries of British Columbia welcome you to B.C. Faerie Camp!

In each other we delight, we move, and we have our being – and also our identity as Radical Faerie. It is an identity which means very different things to different people, but one constant remains: we celebrate ourselves, our tribe, all humanity, and creation in the perfect beauty of one another. As Faeries, we regularly gather to manifest that together.

When the organising team was putting together last year’s gathering, our hope was that we would build a vessel that those who attended would fill with all the identities, dreams, visions, and prophecies that mark us as members of the faetribe. The vessel didn’t just fill – it overflowed! The sense of participation, community, and spiritual intimacy was amazing! Inspired by our intentions and the sacred energy of the land, brothers left the gathering energised and refreshed.

Music circles, dancing, and cuddling around the lakeside campfire, hiking in the B.C. rainforest, canoeing in the lake – or even swimming, for braver souls. Meditation space, chill n cuddle space, heart circle, games and kinkgames, inside and out. Camaraderie through ecstatic dance, the k(no)w talent show, and the auction. Meals for all on the vegan-carnivore spectrum, funky camp-style bunkhouses, friendly staff. As you round the last corner of the road into the camp, and the lake, field, forest, and snow-capped mountains come into view, you arrive at a destination where spirit meets flesh.

And that is the theme for this year’s gathering – creating together a space where our spirits and bodies intermingle and feed one another, tending toward new growth. Whether it is your imagination, your body, your brothers, our tribe, or the world; the vessel is filled when spirit meets flesh…a uniquely Faerie consciousness manifested when we meet and breed ideas, visions, intentions, and one another.

The venue where this magic manifests is the Evans Lake Forest Sanctuary. Located in the Squamish River Valley, on the territory of the Skwxwu7mesh people, the land is abundant with creative energy. The secluded lake is surrounded by forested hills and hiking trails, overseen by the mammoth peaks of the Coast Range, and glacier-fed rivers.

It is fitting that we gather on the Victoria Day long weekend (May 18-21)…a time Canada commemorates an old queen with a penchant for lace. If there’s interest, perhaps we could even muster up a Queen Victoria impersonation contest!


The wonderful, queer friendly staff at Evans Lake welcomed us last year with open arms; and couldn’t wait to tell us how much they were looking forward to having us again in 2012! Apparently having a bevy of naked and costumed queer boys capering about the field and the woods was not off-putting in the slightest. Plus we left the facility tidier than when we arrived!

Besides a kitchen/dining hall and sleeping cabins, there is a large recreation hall ideal for heart circles, complete with comfy chesterfields and wood-burning fireplace. Commemorative canoe paddles and moth-eaten stuffed animal heads adorn the walls. There is snuggle space adjacent to the meeting area, where we cuddle, chat, make-out, and join spirit and flesh. Bring sheets, toys, and lube! This ain’t Breitenbush, you know! Finally, we have use of a large log cabin as meditation, bodywork, and quiet space.

Then, there is the pristine mountain lake itself – ideal for canoeing and swimming. Bathing suits are allowed, but not encouraged. The lake comes with all amenities, including canoes. There is also an archery range for those feeling particularly butch. The site has 10 km (6 miles) of hiking trails around the lake and is conveniently situated near several beautiful off-site attractions and other hiking trails, which we’ll describe in the confirmation.


There are eight heated, ‘rustic’ cabins, each having 11 single beds and washrooms attached, as well as additional sleeping rooms in the Recreation Hall for those with mobility/health issues. You must bring all your bedding.


There will be three meals per day. The talented kitchen staff produce appetizing, well-balanced and nutritious meals, always including fresh vegetables and salad. They also prepare evening snacks for us to munch by the campfire. They can accommodate vegetarian, vegan and many other specialized diets. Please indicate your needs on the registration form.


This event is intended and designed for all Faeries who self identify as male-loving men, but no one registering will be turned away.

REGISTER FOR OUR WAITLIST Please do NOT send money until we’ve contacted you to confirm your spot. Thanks to the success of last year’s gathering, we are able to move to a single registration fee of $260, in Canadian funds, rather than have an early bird special. The fee must be paid in full at the time of registration – no deposits or partial payments will be accepted. So – if you can’t afford it now, start saving, and register later.

The deadline for registration is firm: May 1, 2012. We have set the number of participants this year at 75, to maintain the same intimate atmosphere we enjoyed last year; and we will keep a first-come, first-served waitlist in the event we exceed that number. Cancellations received prior to April 30 will be fully refunded. After that date, the numbers are reported to Evans Lake and we will be paying for each reserved spot – therefore registration fees will be forfeited for any cancellations received after April 30. If you must cancel after that date, please try to find someone to take your place and have that person send us their completed registration form. You can arrange with them to reimburse you. If you are unable to do so, or choose not to, your money will be refunded if (and only if) the spot goes to someone on the waitlist, otherwise it will go to pay for the reserved spot.

DOWNLOAD PDF CALL GENERAL INFORMATION Registration fees will only be accepted through Pay Pal, or cheques drawn from Canadian financial institutions, or money orders in Canadian funds. The registration form can be completed and submitted online via the B.C. Radical Faeries website. The site is unencrypted, so if you are uncomfortable with that, you should mail the form to us. The Pay Pal site is secure, so your credit card info is safe.


Thanks to the generosity of donors (our Faerie angels) and the success of last year’s camp, we now have a limited Faerie Fee Fund (FFF). We will subsidise up to half the cost to applicants on a low or fixed income on a first-come, first-served basis. Please, our funds are limited – so don’t request the subsidy if you don’t need it, and request only as much as you need. As of February 28, 2012, there is no more Faerie Fee Fund subsidy left. You will need to pay in full when you register. If we are unable to hold a gathering next year, this money will be forwarded to Cascadia Radical Faerie Resource to augment the Breitenbush Faerie Fund. In the meantime, we encourage those who have the means to do so to sponsor someone who might be unable to attend for lack of funds. If you are able to donate to our fund, please do so.

This winter and spring, we hope to hold a variety of events to raise funds for the FFF. We also hope that Faes outside the Vancouver area will organize fund-raisers to bring more Fae friends from their local areas to the gathering. Finally, we will again be holding an auction at the gathering to raise money for our FFF. To our American friends – please bring cash for the auction, as our financial institutions really ding us for exchange on American cheques.


You can never be sure that another Fae won’t bring the same outfit you have so carefully conceptualized (especially if you plan to dress as Queen Vickie or a Wood Sprite), but at least you can all ensure the quality of the gathering by adhering to the sacred principles of Faeriedom: safety, confidentiality and love and respect for one another, including the caring staff of Evans Lake. Please take or post photos and videos with permission of the subjects.

We will have exclusive access to the entire site while we are there. Nudity is allowed in all areas, but cover your butt in the dining hall and please respect our hosts by keeping sexual activity out of sight of the staff.

Our ethos calls on each of us to be responsible for our own experiences while respecting the dignity and enjoyment of others. Ask for what you need or want. Speak your truth with compassion. Be direct, be honest, let your yes mean yes and your no mean no. But above all, be kind and patient with one another, recognising that the B.C.R.F.C. is a “DIO” (do it ourselves) experience. The vessel is there, a place where spirit meets flesh. It is waiting for us to fill it to overflowing once more!