Aspirations of the Radical Faeries

  • To articulate new and healthier ways of living as a queer person and uniting as queer communities, rooted in an affirmation of queerness as a source of sacredness and a recognition of our calling to the spiritual healing and social liberation of the world.
  • To celebrate human value as such, and provide a place for people to relate to each other as subjects, in humanizing, rather than estranged, ways.
  • To build a culture of Earth-based, universe-centered spirituality.
  • To agitate and subvert models of gender, sexual identity, religion, and selfhood rooted in oppressive power relations, while simultaneously pointing prophetically towards new, liberating possibilities on the horizon of human experience.
  • To lay a foundation for future generations of queerlings through passing down knowledge, traditions, and experience. ┬áTo accompany and support our elders.
  • To create a body of spiritual traditions. Acknowledging that much of our history, particularly of our spirituality, has been erased over centuries of repression, we commit to building new practices, and handing them down.
  • To serve the community, meeting human needs that mainstream LGBTIQ groups are unable or unwilling to address.
  • To relentlessly expand the limits of the Fabulous.

(with thanks to the Philadelphia Circle!)