2015 Homecoming of Kindred Spirits

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“Follow your own weird.”
“Parade your peculiar.”
– James Broughton

From far and wide, kindred spirits are welcome to come home to our annual long-weekend heart circle of connection, intimacy, and repose. Come warm yourself by the hearth of your brothers’ hearts. This is a safe space to be vulnerable and authentically who you are. Discover your weird and follow it. Expose your peculiar and parade it. Let the spirit of our tribe draw you closer to yourself, your source, your kindred, and the world.

The theme of our fifth B.C. Radical Faerie Camp is homecoming of kindred spirits. What do we mean when we say to someone arriving at a gathering, “Welcome home”? What do we experience when someone welcomes us home? What is home? At this gathering, you are bidden to reflect on those deeper questions within a gathered community of kindred spirits. Together, those reflections are mirrored, casting an image of safety, security, hospitality, and affirmation…all the best qualities of home.

And as we gather, we regard our larger home – Gaia, Mother Earth, Father Sky; the spiralling galaxies touching back to the origin of time and purpose – and feel the love it has planted in our hearts stretching forth to touch the petals of another. May this gathering be an opportunity for you to renew your purpose and your calling, and our mutual accountability and responsibility, within a gathered community of kindred spirits.

For three days in mid-May, we will frolic and prance in the green and secluded meadows, hills, and woodlands of the Evans Lake Forest Camp, north of Squamish, British Columbia. We will have heart circles, rituals, dancing, and music around the fire. We’ll eat together, we’ll play on the lawn together, we’ll share in workshops. We’ll create new connections, and reaffirm and renew constant ones. Together, we’ll make a home… for three and a half days. And then we’ll pack up our freshly polished homemaking skills, and head back into the world of everyday life to use them.

Once again, the group which is fashioning this vessel calls you to join in decorating and filling it. Whatever you imagine—workshops, playshops, games, events, skits, songs, and creations of every kind—this is the way we follow our weird by parading our peculiar. In other words, this is how we express our identity as Radical Faerie when we are at home together.

And now it is time to discover your intention. It is waiting there, in the heart you call home.

Welcome home.

Photo: “A Bundle of Flaming Faggots” by Daniel Collins.