2014 Radical Roots : Back to Basics

In 1979, a call went out to gay brothers to gather and engage. The intention was to get back to the roots, to get radical.

Two years ago the planning group was working on the second BC Faerie Camp when one of our brothers wrote in: “Please don’t lose the radical”. That call was heard!

Welcome to the Radical Roots: Back to Basics gathering where we all will put the radical back into the Faeries. This is your opportunity to make the gathering you want, to build community the way you want and with whom you want.

You might be thinking “But guys, how does this affect my experience at camp?”

How this affects you is that the planning team isn’t planning anything! Cabins will not be assigned this year. Preferences will be given to those who need to use the lodge. If you feel the calling for a talent show, then bring an outfit to host and get a friend to stage manage. If you want to perform an opening ritual, plan one. If you want a naked dance night, bring music. Plan a workshop, plan your wardrobe, create spontaneous moments of magic! This is your gathering.

If the idea of this gathering makes you tingle or you feel a clenching in your anus, then BC Radical Faerie Camp is for you.

In 1979, a call went out to our gay brothers to be radical. This year, as the call goes out to all you queer-faggot-sissy-pansy-Faeries, we are going back to our roots.

Welcome home.