What’s Happening at BC Radical Faeries

April 7, 2021

Hey Fae! Your friendly neighbourhood Board of BC Radical Faeries "met" last night to adjudicate on the weightier matters of state which press upon our loose, yet tightly-knit, organisation.

We unanimously agreed to cancel our tentative booking for the Evans Lake Forest Camp over the Victoria Day long weekend this year. Obviously, the public health situation won't permit a gathering like ours.

We still have the venue booked for the Thanksgiving Day long weekend, October 15-18, 2021. We're hopeful and expectant that we will be able to reschedule the all-genders gathering to that weekend. The Board recommends that members collectively make the final decision at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) later in the summer (hopefully back to our former in-person potluck dinner format).

If you have any questions for clarification, drop em below, or do so privately by sending me or any other Board member a DM, or to info@bcradfae.ca.

A reminder - in 2019, we collectively agreed to sponsor an all-genders gathering over the Victoria Day long weekend in May (BC Radical Faerie Camp); and a gathering intended for cis and transgender men-loving-men over the Thanksgiving Day long weekend in October. The pandemic disrupted that planned cycle, which, unless otherwise determined by members, will commence in 2022.

Nothing much on the social front going on right now. However, we have a weekly zoom session for faerie coffee:


BC Radical Faeries Board: Sally Notsorry
  • (chair), Acorn Godtree (Secretary)
  • Tricky Truman (Treasurer)
  • Columbine Demers (nonvoting Director)
  • Jim Hankle (nonvoting Director)