UPDATE: We are currently at 100% capacity for this year’s faerie gathering in beautiful British Columbia! Please register for the waitlist just as you would for the general registration only please do not forward any funds until you have received an official confirmation from the planning circle. Don’t miss your chance to play!

Below you can find detailed information about the gathering. On the right, you can download the PDF of the Call, register online, or donate to the Faerie Fee Fund. If you have questions not covered on this page, please email faeriecamp@bcradfae.ca.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — Albus Dumbledore

Do you feel a tugging at your soul? Is there a welling up in your heart? Are you willing to embrace your joy and roll down fields of green grass, leap-frogging from moment to moment, and dare to dream that you are at long last the King of the Castle?

Hear the call to come together in fellowship and exploration! Step outside yourself and be filled with the ecstatic joy of sacred play.

You are cordially invited to attend a feast of the senses — a buffet of the carnal and the spiritual. Most importantly, you are welcomed to come together as brothers and celebrate the season of play.

Close your eyes and, imagine if you will, that the carnival is in town. You are everyone that has ever been filled with joy, from the smallest of boy, to the oldest of men who has not forgotten the excitement and the rush that comes from the sights, sounds, and flavours that surround you and tantalize you with each juicy tangible moment. Pass by the vendors, the games and the towering twinkling lights as the smell of popcorn and hot chocolate fill your nostrils. The cool evening air brushes your cheeks as a familiar hand slides into yours. Slip through the crowds out to the fringe, into the sideshow, and engage with the darker shades.

Now you tread the path less trodden, stepping away from the bustle of it all. Dance beneath the moonlight around a fire set to the beats of a drum and indulge all your senses as you stand naked, lakeside with the mountains at your back, as you now find yourself wandering deeper into our Carnival of the Absurd.

We return to Evan’s Lake for the 8th year to join in celebration for a festival of play. For 3 days, express your aliveness and share in a connectedness with flesh, spirit and the cosmic interplay while we cross the universe tethered to our home as it dances through the heavens.

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Hear our Call.


The venue where this magic manifests is the Evans Lake Forest Sanctuary.  Located in the Squamish River Valley, on the unneeded territory of the Skwxwu7mesh people, Evans Lake is an hour and a half drive from Vancouver, located 15 kilometres north of Squamish, BC.  The secluded lake is surrounded by forested hills and hiking trails, overseen by the mammoth peaks of the Coast Range, and glacier-fed rivers.


The camp is on a rather hilly terrain that may be a concern for those with mobility issues.  We will try and accommodate you as best as we can, and find solutions together.


Parking is very limited, so carpooling is strongly encouraged.  You can let us know on your registration form if you need a ride or if you can offer a ride.  We are often able to coordinate rides to Faerie Camp.

As well, you can take the Greyhound to Squamish and we can arrange for you to be picked up at the station.


Besides a kitchen/dining hall and sleeping cabins, there is a large recreation hall for heart circles, complete with comfy chesterfields and wood-burning fireplace.  We also have use of a large log cabin as a meditation, bodywork, and quiet space during the day and as the Love Lounge during the evenings.

Then, there is the pristine mountain lake itself – ideal for canoeing and swimming.  Bathing suits are allowed but not encouraged.  The lake comes with all amenities, including canoes.  The site has 10 km (6 miles) of hiking trails around the lake.

We will include additional details in your confirmation letter.


There are ten heated, ‘rustic’ cabins, each having 11 single beds and washrooms attached, as well as additional sleeping rooms in the Recreation Hall for those with mobility issues.

Sleeping arrangements are not assigned unless you have made special arrangements for sleeping in the Recreation Hall. 

You must bring all your own bedding.


There is space behind the cabins for those inclined to sleep in tents.  Space is assigned on a first come, first served basis. May weather can be unpredictable, so be prepared for rain and sudden drops in temperature.

The registration fee is the same regardless of whether you choose to sleep in a cabin, tent, or vehicle. Due to limited parking space, the use of campers or RVs is discouraged.  If you wish to bring one, please discuss with the planning circle first to ensure space.


There will be three meals per day. The talented kitchen staff produces appetizing, well-balanced, and nutritious meals, always including fresh vegetables and salad.  They also prepare evening snacks for us to munch by the campfire.  They can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and many other specialized diets. Please indicate your dietary needs on your registration form.

Mobile Phones

Signal reception is very erratic, spotty, and unreliable at camp.  It is best to put your mobile phone away and fully interact with your Faerie Family face to face.

There is a phone with the staff at Evans Lake available in case of emergencies.


There is no smoking inside any building, however, there is a designated area for smoking outside.


Nudity is allowed in all areas, but cover your butt in the dining hall and please respect our hosts by keeping sexual activity out of sight of the staff.

Safety, Respect & Faerie Ethos

We can all ensure the quality of the gathering by adhering to the sacred principles of Faeriedom:  safety, confidentiality, and love and respect for one another, including the caring staff of Evans Lake.  Please take or post photos and videos with permission of the subjects.

Our ethos calls on each of us to be responsible for our own experiences while respecting the dignity and enjoyment of others, Subject/Subject consciousness.

As for what you need or want.

Speak your truth with compassion.

Be direct, be honest. Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

But above all, be kind and patient with one another.

Remember, consent is sexy!

This event is intended and designed for all Faeries who self-identify as male-loving men, but no one registering will be turned away.

Registrations will not be completed until both payment and registration form are received.  Online registration ensures you get in.

Alternatively, you can also register by downloading the PDF form, printing it and filling it out.

Send the completed registration form along with your payment in Canadian funds (if paying by cheque or money order) to the address below.

Payable to Radical Faeries of BC

3381 Cambie St
Suite 519
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R3


The registration fee is $265 in Canadian funds. The fee must be paid in full at the time of registration — no deposits or partial payments will be accepted.  We only accept registration fees made through:

  • Paypal (please note that an $8 fee will be added for this choice to cover
    PayPal’s fee)
  • Cheques drawn from Canadian financial institutions
  • Money orders in Canadian funds.
  • Email transfer*
  • The PayPal site is secure, so your credit information is safe.

*Email the bank transfer amount ($265 registration fee) to payment@bcradfae.ca. Ensure that you also include a security question and answer so we can process your transfer in a timely manner.

Registration Deadline

Deadline for registration is May 1, 2018. This date is final.

Waiting List

We have set the number of participants this year at 80 to maintain the same intimate atmosphere we enjoyed last year. We will keep a first-come, first-served waitlist in the event we exceed that number.If we do have a wait list, we encourage you to submit a registration application online but do not send in payment until you have been notified by the registrar that a spot has opened up.


A letter of confirmation will be emailed to registrants with additional details needed to prepare for camps. Confirmation may not be sent out immediately, so please be patient. 


Cancellations received prior to Thursday, May 10 will be fully refunded.

After that date, the numbers are reported to Evans Lake and we will have to pay for each reserved spot — therefore registration fees may be forfeited for any cancellations received after May 10.

If you must cancel after that date, contact the organizing committee as soon as possible to see if there are people on the waiting list.  If so, the next person will be contact by the committee and if someone is found to take your spot, a refund will be issued.  If no one is available, you may not receive a refund unless you can find someone to take your place and arrange with them to pay you back for your spot.

Faerie Fee Funds

We have a limited Faerie Fee Fund (FFF).  We will subsidize up to half the cost to applicants on a low or fixed income on a first-come, first-served basis (subject to availability).

Please request subsidy only if you need it, and request only as much as you need.

We encourage those who have the means to do so to sponsor someone who might be unable to attend for lack of funds.  If you are able to donate to our fund, please do so as well.


An auction will be held at the gathering to raise money for our FFF.  We can only accept cash in Canadian funds.

The registration fee is $265 in Canadian funds plus an $8 fee to cover PayPal fees. Your registration is not complete until the fee is received in full. We cannot accept deposits or partial payments. If paying online, please identify yourself using the same information as on your registration form. We use paypal@bcradfae.ca for online registration.

Please select from the registration options below.

If you need Faerie Fee Funds, please email faeriecamp@bcradfae.ca. FFF are allocated by the organizing team who will be in contact with you. In the meantime be sure to complete the registration form and also indicate on it your request for Faerie Fee Funds.

If you have questions and other concerns about fee payment, please send an email to faeriecamp@bcradfae.ca.

Registration options
The PayPal site is secure, so your credit information is safe.